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In a world that changes at a rapid pace, it can become more difficult to keep a sense of balance, whether you are a CEO or a leader of a team. 

Having spent 30+ years leading teams in a Fortune 500 company, I understand the pressures of meeting goals, strategic objectives, and deadlines.

Deborah Thompson

I coach through a creative process that is thought-provoking and that honors you, your values, and unique gifts.

Coaching is my passion because I care deeply about helping you and people in your organization find and maintain that connection with who you are and how you lead.


My purpose is to assist you to lead effectively and authentically. I partner with my clients through active listening and questions to clarify what is important to you, your performance, and your goals.  Whatever your leadership role, the people you lead need to feel that sense of connection with you, their teams, and organization. It is a tremendous responsibility and privilege for me to facilitate a client’s growth journey, often helping them discover the answers they already have.

In addition to my deep experience in business and non-profit boards, I received my coaching certification through Brown University and am certified by the International Coaching Federation.

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